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A quick chat with quality control (QC)

Asmaa Sighaoui and Maren Jakobs are two navabistas with amazing attention to detail. Which is just as well as it’s a huge part of their jobs. On a day to day basis they’re in charge of checking all new inventory arriving in warehouse: if an item doesn’t pass its quality check it goes straight back to the supplier. It’s safe to say they run a tight ship. We sat down with both ladies to get the 411 on what it’s like to work in QC. Here’s what we learnt.

Editor: Gabi van Rey

At navabi, we believe that all women should have the opportunity to find the styles they love, in a size that fits. Helping us reach that mission is our quality control team. How? Each item must pass through their hands first and meet our long list of requirements for quality and fit. Maren and Asmaa make it their mission to meticulously check every piece of clothing so you’ll be happy with it when it comes through your door.

5 minutes with Maren & Asmaa

What exactly do you do at QC? What do you have to pay particular attention to and what are the challenges?

We see ourselves in QC as the ‘eye of the customer.’ We inspect each item in terms of certain aspects in order to ensure consistent standards of high quality. Alongside the quality, the item’s fit also plays an important role. This means that we measure each item and fit it to our fitting-mannequins so that we can determine the navabi size and fit, as well as assess comfort, freedom of movement and functionality. If a problem arises during this inspection, we resolve it in close cooperation with the supplier. Plus, we also decide how the goods should be stored in order to ensure textile-safe storage.

Another important part of our work is listing the attributes of each item so that the copywriters have this information along with the garment when they write the product description.

We also process some of our customer returns which must be sent back to our suppliers due to manufacturing errors. Our challenge day to day is maintaining a clear overview of the goods and meeting the quality requirements from our customer’s point of view.

What do you think our customers should look out for when shopping?

Since navabi is one of the few online shops that also provides its customers with the item’s measurements, we think our customers should absolutely take advantage of this special service. If you compare the item’s measurements with your own physical dimensions, it’s much easier to choose a certain size. Some items run big or small and our customers have the opportunity to choose the right size for them based on the measurements. We advise getting help when measuring your body. Or just measure one of your favourite pieces of clothing with a similar cut and then match its dimensions with the item you’re interested in, in our shop.

It’s also important to pay attention to the fit, especially with dresses because they should sit well on the whole body. For trousers, look out for the width of the thigh as this is very important for a good fit.

Are there labels which always run big or small?

Usually a lot of lagenlook items run slightly small, like those from Kekoo and Zedd Plus. Most lagenlook items are crafted from natural fabric which doesn’t have much stretch. So we recommend that our customers opt for a size up when ordering.

What are you currently working on?

We always work on implementing customer feedback and adapting our quality standards accordingly. This not only makes our work easier, because we can better assess the quality, but it’s also a great advantage for our customers as they can always expect a certain standard of quality from navabi.

Is there a way our customers can get involved?

Yes. We love receiving feedback from our customers about the fit and quality of their order. If you’d like to contact us, please send an e-mail to info@navabi.de asking that it be forwarded to QC. We take every criticism seriously and work on solutions so that our customers can be satisfied with their orders and enjoy their clothes for a long time.

What are the most common reasons for returns and why?

Here, size and/or fit particularly stand out. There are no uniform standards for fitting, so every supplier does it differently, which is why items from different suppliers often differ in size. A lot of items are returned because they’re too big or too small or just don’t fit properly. Of course, we can’t 100% guarantee that a size 42 item will fit all customers that wear size 42. We all have different figures and body shapes. This is where navabi’s fashion advice as well as the item measurements come in – these should both be equally helpful for our customers when choosing the right size.

What do you like most about your job?

We especially like the fact that we have direct contact with the products. We know how an item feels, how it fits and what its unique selling points are. In this way we can develop a feeling for which materials and fabrics are particularly popular or advantageous for certain body shapes. We also enjoy continuing to develop as a department and facing new challenges. The optimisation of quality and fit will never come to an end because there will always be something that can be done better.

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Editor: Gabi Mertens

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